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The Haisi Expo will be held on Thursday...

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The Haisi Expo will be held on Thursday, and the enterprises want to show their smart manufacturing strength. 

■ Recently, media reporters went to Wuxin Automation Technology Co., Ltd. to visit the trainee reporter Yang Shengpei.

  Haisi Expo organized media reporters to visit exhibitors. The
  exhibition set up an electronic exhibition area for the first time. The exhibition
  will be held. The 2018 Haisi Expo will be held at the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center on the 25th to 28th of this month. Information and intelligent high-end equipment exhibition. The organizing committee secretariat recently led media reporters to visit Ma Yong, Wangniudun and Dalingshan, visited the exhibitors of the electronic information industry of Haisi Expo, and learned about the products and preparations of the company's Haisi Expo.
  Customized electronic manipulator, welding machine for welding 1200 solar cells in one hour, Bluetooth fill light beauty self-timer artifact, the world's first all-wood sound TV TV... Exhibitors from Dongguan are preparing for the fist products, hope At the exhibition, the “One Belt, One Road” intelligent manufacturing strength was displayed in all directions, and the international market was opened.
  The products of Dongguan Enterprise will be unveiled
  . The exhibition area of ​​Haisi Expo this year is 70,000 square meters. The booth planning can be called “4+1”. The four professional exhibitions are electronic information and intelligent high-end equipment exhibition, household daily consumer goods exhibition, tourism culture exhibition and special food and tea culture exhibition, focusing on China's high-tech products, traditional products and tourism culture products; The theme exhibition is a comprehensive exhibition of countries (regions), which mainly displays the featured products of countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”.
  The Electronic Information and Intelligent High-End Equipment Exhibition is one of the four exhibition areas and was established for the first time. Mainly display artificial intelligence, electronic information and other aspects of products, such as industrial automation and robotics, power transmission and control technology equipment, smart mobile devices, smart home virtual reality and augmented reality, 3D printing.
  Located in Wangniudun Town, Dongguan Wuxin Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is famous for its intelligent technology manufacturing. The company will participate in the Haisi Expo for the first time this year, and will display the fully automatic battery sheet welding machine that was designed at the beginning of this year. In the company's equipment workshop, the enterprise equipment manager demonstrated to the reporter the workflow of the solar cell welding machine. In this 3.6-meter-long, one-foot-high device, the red glow of the welding system is very dazzling.
  “The solar cell welding machine can weld 1200 solar cells in one hour, and the welding can be welded up to 100 pieces in one hour.” Cheng Xin, general manager of Wuxin Automation, is proud of the welding machine equipment developed by the company. He also deliberately came up with it. A string of solar cells is introduced to the reporter in detail. This machine replaces the previous manual welding with fully automated welding, which not only saves costs, improves efficiency, but also provides quality assurance for the indispensable battery chips in the photovoltaic power generation process.
Wuxin Company is just one of many participating enterprises. There are 1,221 Chinese and foreign companies participating in this year's Hess Expo, accounting for 70.5% of the total. There are 57 countries and regions participating in the exhibition. It is not easy for Wan enterprises to break through. During the visit, the reporter found that the sincerity of Dongguan enterprises wanting to cooperate with countries along the “Belt and Road” is full. Enterprises not only show their own fist products, but even according to the needs of different countries, they will make adjustments in the actual use functions of products, and transform and upgrade the products to meet the requirements of each other. 

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