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Dongguan City Quality Supervision and Inspection Center organizes training

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Chairman Cheng Chang, as the organizer, organized training with the Dongguan Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

In order to further improve the assembly capability and quality control capability of intelligent equipment enterprises and improve the performance of intelligent equipment products, Chairman Cheng Chang, as the president of Dongguan Intelligent Equipment Industry Promotion Association, hosted the joint Dongguan Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to invite Director Shen Dao Shen to visit Dongguan again. It is planned to hold special training on the theme on October 12 and 13 of 2018. All intelligent manufacturing companies are invited to participate. The training arrangements are as follows:


I. Training time and place
Training time: October 12, 1318, 20:30-11:30 am
Training venue: Dongguan City Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Songshan Lake, Dongguan City) Meeting Room, 5th Floor, Building 6, No. 2, Industrial South Road.
Second, the training object
Intelligent manufacturing production enterprise senior management personnel, quality in charge, chief engineer, technical research and development director, etc.
Third, the training content
1. R & D test and certification relationship
2. Motor test
3. Reducer test
4. Cable test
5 Assembly test
6. Machine test
7. Certification
8. Standard analysis

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